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Our Commitment to Quality and to Our Customers

IWS do Brasil is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, and customer service in order to fulfill on our Mission Statement:

"We will deliver ever-increasing value to our customers and other stakeholders by exceeding industry standards for performance, service and innovation."

Our Values

We believe that people make a business successful. We are a team of passionate people who: Value our employees for their dedication and innovation

  • Are accountable to our stakeholders

  • Reliably provide high quality products and service

  • Ethically interact with our customers, competitors, vendors and community

  • Lead in generating value for our customers

  • IWS do Brasil will exceed customers' expectations, improve their economics and be an integral part of their strategies.

  • IWS do Brasil will be a leader in redesigning processes, managing information and providing quality products, services and solutions that deliver a competitive advantage to our customers.

  • IWS do Brasil will be a technically advanced, enthusiastic and motivated team recognized and rewarded for customer service, innovation, initiative and financial performance.

  • Integrity:

    We say what we mean, our actions reflect our words, and we honor our commitments.

    Customer Focus:

    Our customers are our number one priority and we consistently meet or exceed their expectations.


    We are passionate about our work and take pride in designing quality into the products, services and solutions that we provide.

    Stakeholder Value Creation:

    We employ creativity and initiative in the creation of stakeholder value and are recognized and rewarded for it.

    Performance Driven Results:

    We create our future through our choices and actions today.


    We collaborate with our suppliers, our customers and each other to optimize the sum of all individual efforts.


    We honor the culture and laws of all areas in which we participate and demonstrate respect for all.
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